At Global POCUS Partners, we offer an array of consulting services for any healthcare provider group looking to establish its practice of Point-Of-Care UltraSound (POCUS), including in-person clinical education workshops for providers, ongoing image review for quality assurance, needs assessment for machine purchases and machine maintenance, and help with the creation of credentialing policies and process workflows.

Our Services

Live Education

We offer live educational opportunities featuring both didactic-style anatomy / pathology review and hands-on scanning with live feedback from our experienced staff of ultrasound-trained emergency physicians. Don't want to travel for your training? No worries - we come to you, in order to maximize your team's time.

Ongoing Quality Assurance

Many groups that are just starting to build POCUS into their practice don't yet have an experienced individual to perform ongoing QA and provide continued support as their clinicians build confidence. Don't let that hold you and your colleagues back - take advantage of our Ongoing QA services and have peace of mind knowing you'll get individualized feedback on your scans that will help keep you on track!

Billing and Reimbursement

Aside from improved patient care and safety, reimbursement is perhaps the most important reason to develop a formalized POCUS workflow. We utilize a truly comprehensive approach - educating both providers and billers/coders, streamlining workflows to promote high rates of provider compliance, and optimizing documentation tools - all to help maximize the return on your investment in POCUS.

Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral IV Training

We've all been there - your patient is, to put it mildly, a "hard stick". At 3:00 AM, getting hold of the hospital's "IV team" seems...unlikely. Don't punish your patient with a central line or IO drill. Instead, let us help your nurses join the teams on the tip of the spear by developing a nursing-driven USGPIV program.

Upcoming Products


Sonokeys Streambox

The Sonokeys Streambox is an open source device that can transmit images in real-time from any ultrasound machine over the internet directly to the Sonokeys service, where it is automatically saved. The images can also be viewed in real time by a mentor or supervisor from any location with an internet connection, facilitating just-in-time feedback between remote teams.



Don't need livestreaming capabilities? Say hello to the SonoKey. It's a tiny USB device that will facilitate transferring ultrasound exams to your Sonokeys account. Using multiple ultrasound machines, or even obtaining scans at multiple different sites? Don't worry, SonoKey has your back. Say hello to the Key to your permanent POCUS portfolio.

Sonokeys Connect

Sonokeys Connect

Sonokeys Connect is our premiere image archival and interpretation platform. Imagine a PACS system that was not only optimized for a POCUS workflow, but also beautiful, responsive, and accessible from a wide range of devices including smartphones. Now imagine that system can deliver built-in functionality for exam interpretation and report generation, quality assurance, rapid removal of identifying metadata to facilitate sharing of images in a HIPAA-compliant manner, receiving feedback from a remote mentor (or providing it to a mentee), and much more.